The idea of innGlobe has been created 2006 by Dr. Sid Kevin Ghadiani. As rocket engineer Dr. Ghadiani was working at the German
Aerospace Center (DLR) from 2000 until 2006.

At the Institutes Structures and Design as well as Space Propulsions he specialized in advanced technologies for space constructions.
Aside from rocket propulsions he investigated and designed ceramic thermal protection systems for the re-entry phase. DLR is currently
developing this innovative design for rocket propulsions, based on the research results of Ghadiani's doctoral thesis.
With innGlobe, he serves as external consultant for the implementation of this new effusion cooled rocket combustion chamber.

On his career path from civil engineer to mechanical engineer and finally to aerospace engineer, Dr. Ghadiani has come in contact with
numerous innovative technologies. He realized that the majority of these innovations remain underutilized because their potential for the
bigger market is not adequately recognized. On the other hand, there are innovative products and systems sold on domestic markets
only, that would likely be successful and useful on international markets, as well. With innGlobe Dr. Ghadiani seeks to uncover the
economic potential of underutilized innovations and to make these technologies available more broadly in markets around the world.

Ghadiani's consulting experience dates back to his time as a doctoral student. He consulted internally at DLR but also in a number of
software companies, engineering firms, subcontractors to the automotive industry, and in the retail sector. Ghadiani provided technological
and management consulting services as well as technical support to these companies. For example, he developed strategies to optimize procurement and logistics and contributed to quality assessment and marketing. After completing his Ph.D. in 2005, Ghadiani was able to expand his business activities on an international level, in particular by working in a consulting company in China's capital Beijing.

2009 innGlobe advanced however to become a general strategy planner for large-scale projects. The jump ahead from a provider of
high-tech engineering and consulting services to being the general planner for global projects; For Ghadiani this vision was far away,
approx. 10 years from the company formation, he initially thought.

But this success serves at best as process accelerator to close in on our visions.
There still exists a universe of new challenges waiting for us.
Ghadiani says.