Our company activities are organized within two main categories

Our services in Engineering as well as Management Solutions will be provided to you directly from our team.
More details can be found in competencies.

Our further advanced services are related to large-scale projects, in which we set up and coordinate new industrial branches
and business models for our clients and investors. This we accomplish in a close collaboration with our international partner
companies. In the most of cases these undertakings end in independent foundations. Therefore, they have to be managed in
a separate organization. Especially for this purpose we brought into being our Technology Investment Program (TIP).
You will find a detailed overview about this program under the menu item TIP.

Should you be interested in coming to know the philosophy or foundation of our company please read the respective text
under the pictures below.

Solely because others are moving in a certain
direction it must not be necessarily the right way.
We love to be different than the others and our
solutions are always unique for our clients.

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The idea of innGlobe has been created 2006 by
Dr. Sid Kevin Ghadiani. As rocket engineer Dr. Ghadiani was working at the German Aerospace
Center DLR from 2000 until 2006.

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