The focus of our consultancy is on strategy planning for large international projects. These consulting services are however included
in our technology investment program TIP.

Thus, under management solutions we are offering now special concepts addressed to major customers with own production facilities.
The created concepts and solutions shall help to improve their performance by using the latest management methods.

You believe you do all things right, but still do not make the desired profit?

Let a team of experts find the possible weak points in your company’s operation processes. We will analyze these processes from supply chain to the production itself.

Avail yourself of long standing experiences of our partner company CMS Montera
from Canada.

We will assist you to overcome barriers

The self-created software package CMS RoadRunner will serve as a helpful tool for your decision procedures. This software will be adapted to your special requirements individually and thus assists you as a tailor-made management instrument.

Together with you we will find the right strategy to increase your productivity by using
the existing resources

We provide workshops and seminars in your company rooms.
Therein, we will not only teach you about the handling with our software package.

We will depict the ghastly neologisms Theory of Constraints or Critical Chain Project Management and will support you to find tailored solutions for the improvement of your company processes by yourself.