Started as technology consultant and technical service provider for the high tech sector, innGlobe advanced to be a General Planner for international large-scale projects within a very short period of time. The deep understanding of modern technologies, the versatileness in the fields of interest and a cosmopolitan attitude paired with the look beyond the obvious into the infinity; this is the recipe for the competency of a holistical strategy planning.

In consideration of the complex diversity within our activity fields a transparent and
clear structure was necessary for our projects and company foundations.
This we have organized in a well-structured Technology Investment Program (TIP).
This program provides the symbiosis between our clients and investors, on the one
hand, and the technology providers as well as partner companies, on the other hand.
Thus, the TIP is a direct derivative from our hitherto existing sector Technology Transfer in which also our own in-house innovations will find the way into the commercialization.

In spite of this new focusing you must not forgo our hitherto provided engineering
services. Quite the contrary: We have expanded also these services for you.
However, our technical services will be provided to you through our second
company GTTC GmbH. Please find more details in competencies.